Single Phase Induction motor 2D and 3D analysis creating from RM Xprt

    • binyounas93

      Dear All,

      Please guide me, how to perform 2D and 3D analysis while creating motor suing RM Xprt.. I wanna learn 

      1. How to perform 2D analysis of single phase induction motor ?

      2. How to perform 3D analysis of single phase induction motor ?

      3. How to increasing the utilisation of computer processors for maxwell 3D analysis.

      4. How to perform the mesh operation and boundary values for motor ?

      5. Attached object is half shown in maxwell 3D. How to show this object complexly in 3D??

       Kindly share relevant tutorials, document or any webinar..  

      How to show this image complete in maxwell 3D ??

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