Sinusoidal motion of piston inside cylinder (issue)

    • Muhamad Eldebawy

      I try to simulate a sinusoidal motion for piston inside cylinder. I defined the piston as a rigid body and its velocity by a profile like that 

      piston 2 8 1
      time v_x 
      0 0
      1 1
      2 2
      3 3
      4 -3
      5 -2
      6 -1
      7 0

      my question is why when I display the piston motion the fluent add the velocity values which mean that second (1 ) the velocity is 1 m/s and at sec (2) the velocity becomes 2+1=3 m/s and so on so the piston still moves in x direction and did not return back again 
      I am so confused any help guys??

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