Six DOF simulation for two interconnected rigid bodies using hinge joint .

    • suyogmahulkar

         There are two 2D rigid bodies falling under action of gravity in water tank.2D Rigid links are connected using hinge joint.  

      I need to analyze six DOF motion of interconnected rigid bodies using ANSYS FLUENT. I request you to suggest the way by which I can implement hinge joint without using FSI ?

    • Karthik R


      Please have a look at this video from ANSYS How To videos. This might be of help to your model set-up.

      The ANSYS How To Videos channel contains several such helpful video tutorials and are an excellent learning resource.

      I hope this helps.

      Best Regards,


    • suyogmahulkar

      Dear Karthik,

      Thanks for your reply. In attached video, two bodies are independent. Perhaps, in my case two 2D rigid bodies are connected using hinge joint. So how to model hinge joint without using FSI?

    • Konstantine Kourbatski
      Ansys Employee

       check this out:

      Nowadays there is an option to specify rigid body motion in Fluent's MDM relative to another zone, which should enable you to model hinge. I suggest you first experiment on a simple model

    • shubhamkhodiyar

      Do forces at hinge joint are being transferred between the bodies (which are free to move under the SDOF solver) by enabling the relative motion option in Dynamic mesh zone dialog box?



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