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Skin/Loft and subtracting it from of Domain in DesignModeler

    • Aras karimi
      Hi everyone, I want to loft the following two airfoils together. At first, the skin/loft command gave me an error as shown below:

      To solve this problem, I used the split edge tool to divide both airfoils into two equal parts, and this time the skin command managed to loft them, as shown below:

      Next, I drew a domain around it and subtracted the geometry of the wing from it, which is as shown in the following figure:

      I went to the ICEM software to mesh it, But the problem is that a quarter of the front face of the domain is missing.as shown in the figure below: (The brown color is the selected page)

      Can anyone help me to solve this problem?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Can  you please check if you can use Ansys Meshing? Any particular reason you are using ICEMCFD? 

      Please check following videos

      Ansys Meshing Sizing:

      Ansys Meshing: Decomposition for hex meshing:

      Ansys Meshing: Meshing Methods:

      Ansys Meshing: Inflation:




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