Skipping unknown section

    • FrankR


      Dear community,

      when I open my case file in the Meshing mode, the console displays

      cells: 58904
      faces: 181712
      nodes: 64017
      skipping unknown section 2041.
      generating pointers...done.
      extracting boundary entities...
       moved 10002 nodes from interior zone to zone 8.
       10002 boundary nodes.
       10000 boundary faces.
       5 boundary face zones.
      generating cells...done.
      analyzing boundary connectivity...done.

      Is "skipping unknown section" a reason for concern ?

      This message does not appear when I open the case file in Solution mode.

      How can I identify sections in the model ? I browsed everything the ribbon in the GUI offers.

      I use the FLUENT "Academic Student Release" 19.2 in stand-alone mode (not using Workbench).

      Thank you dearly for sharing your expertise and your kind advice,


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you've updated the mesh into the Set-up cell Fluent could be skipping surface ID's that no longer exist. As the mesh continues to read in it's valid but check the boundary labels make sense.  As the Solution cell doesn't check against the mesh it may not complain but may still have mislabelled surfaces. 

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