Sliding Mesh Convergency

    • cmlgrng01

      Hello everyone. 

      I'm simulation na mixing tank with double impeller in SM starting from the MRF converged result. The command line "mesh>modify zones>mrf-to-sliding-mesh does not work because it creates "walls" besides the interface and provides "overlapping zones" issues. So I decided to create the SM setup manually, indicating the both motion mesh in the CFD, but it returns a error of "

      "Warning: Found 7 left-handed faces on sliding interface zone 34.


      Mesh interface check failed!"


      I went to the SpaceClaim geometry to turn off the "shared Topology" in order to make fluente recognise the interfaces and do not create these walls.. Also add the "matching option" in the mesh interfaces and then the walls disapeared.

      I've tried to fix the improve face handeness but it continued with this error, this is avoinding my simulations... doses anyone know hoe to fix it?

      [ using the CFD Fluent version 19.1]

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      The walls are to cover you in the event that the interface zones don't fully overlap. They are needed so if you've manage to avoid creating them you will have a problem.  Assuming the zones overlap the wall doesn't do anything.  

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