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SMART Crack Growth not remeshing

    • Simon_Peters


      I am currently doing a university paper regarding fracture growth on a AISI H11 component and have been getting the same error for about a week: "SMART algorithm was not able to create the new crack surface. Crack propagation is aborted". I have already followed tutorials and made the mesh as refined as I can (due to ANSYS Student Limitations that means 128.000 nodes). I'm just really lost here, to be completly honest.

      I have attached some pictures regarding the mesh and the Coordinate System I used.

      I'll take any advice, I'm really desperate.

      Thank you so much

    • Daniel Shaw
      Ansys Employee
      It appears that you cannot use the Student version for this analysis. SMART requires a refined, well-shaped initial mesh. Your initial mesh is not sufficiently refined or well-shaped for use with SMART. In addition, SMART remeshes in front of the crack creating an even more refined mesh. Sorry, but if you need to a SMART crack growth study on this geometry, you probably need to access a license that is not node limited.

    • Simon_Peters
      Thank you Daniel for the quick response.
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