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       I am trying to simulate a SOA with Interconnect, and I would like to have some directions.

      I have seen the TWLM section (, although it seems to be more centered around the model of a semiconductor laser. The example is more related to the electrical tuning of the laser, where the output of both optical ports is 9 dB optical signal; if I try to set a periodic square-wave optical in the optical input, the TWLM does not receive a gain.

      I have seen that Fraunhofer HHI have developed a SOA model (, and I would like to know which parameter I need to tune to obtain a similar effect.

      So, can you please tell me:

      1. what are the parameters required to obtain an optical gain from the input (e.g. a square NRZ bit sequence) to the output?

      2. Also, I would like to ask you if it is possible to obtain a saturation effect of the SOA, which I show in the attached Figure.

      Sorry for the basic questions, but I am new to the Interconnect module, and overwhelmed by the many parameters.


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