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    • Agustin Cutiño

      Hello, I need a software to:

      • Create a piezoelectric sensor
      • Simulate a reading circuit with piezoelectric sensor. 

      Which are the software that I need?

    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      We have other options, but the only one that I am familiar with is Mechanical. With a coupled field analysis system, the use of Mechanical to set up a piezoelectric finite element model (in static, modal, harmonic response, and transient analyses) is fairly straightforward, especially with our latest release. Our latest release provides you with number of predefined piezoelectric material properties in Engineering Data (which is used to define material properties for the model).

      Circuit elements (CIRCU94 for modal and harmonic response, and either CIRCU94 or CIRCU124 for static and transient analysis types) are available in the MAPDL solver that Mechanical calls to do the actual calculations, but these are not natively supported in Mechanical. However, they may be included in models created in Mechanical by defining them with APDL command objects (APDL is the name given to the commands used to provide instruction to the MAPDL solver). This task is fairly straightforward to engineers knowledgable in APDL. There would be a modestly steep learning curve for those who aren't. If your reading circuit is relatively simple, modeling it with a command object shouldn't be too much of a problem.

      Available circuit elements which may be coupled to the piezoelectric finite elements include the following:



    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      So sorry, I meant to paste an image in my previous reply to help give you an understanding of the circuit element options that are available:


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