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software crashing and sph

    • Kamyab Karimi

      hi, when I am trying to define sph to sph coupling, LS-DYNA force exits (crashes).

      may someone help me with this problem?

      also, what type of contact should I select for cold spray (droplet and substrate are both sph)?

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi , try using the latest version of solver, R14, see the field CONT in *CONTROL_SPH

      cheers, Ram 

      • Kamyab Karimi

        I have student version of ls-dyna, and its up to date.

        prepost ls-dyna force exits before evening simulation.

        when I insert define_sph-sph-coupling card and click apply, the prepost program force exits.

        without defining sph-sph coupling I get negative volume for particle error.

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