“Software Execution Error” after using Form New Part

    • JLB236

      When I try to Generate Mesh, it successfully defeatures, but when it is in the Meshing Faces step, I get the following error: A software execution error occurred inside the mesher.  The process suffered an unhandled exception or ran out of usable memory.

      When it crashes, it is only using 3% of my available RAM, so it is not a usable memory problem.  I also do not have any thin wall bodies.

      The problem began when I tried to Form New Part through DesignModeler because I want a conforming mesh.  If I leave them as separate parts, the mesh is successfully generated.  The error only appears when I combine the bodies through Form New Part.  Do you have any idea why I get this error?

      Here are my files. I know the staff can't download files, but I don't know what images will be helpful for you to see.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      What does the mesh look like on both sides of the contact face when you mesh without forming a part?  Just wondering if something triggers a silly cell count: you may not run out of RAM but may run out of allocation for surface facets.

    • JLB236

      Here's a section plane view of the whole body (primary element size = 0.05):


      Zoomed in on the sphere of influence (element size = 0.01):


      Zoomed in on the contact between bodies (small bodies element size = 0.001):


      Mesh skew = 1.

      I'm going to try and increase the mesh size in the small bodies.  They're pretty complex, but looking at this contrast, the elements seem excessively small.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      i think you have shown non conformal mesh at the contact. 

      it looks like there is a lot of jump. 

      as you wanted conforma mesh, you have to create a single part. 

      now you have created single part. did you use share topology option in DM? please use it and then use fault detection in DM. 

      please check if faces are connected after sharetopology before going to meshing. 




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