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General Mechanical

Soil modeling in Ansys “workbench” version 15

    • Rana Nasser

      Hi everyone! 

      I'm trying to model a regulator ( water structure/ river dam) subjected to dynamic load. The structure is surrounded by soil. Now I'm stuck in modeling the soil material, I have used density and orthotropic elasticity to define the material properties of the soil, and the contact type of the contact element between the soil and the abutments is assigned frictional.

      Is there any way to add friction angle and cohesion to the soil material model in ansys workbench ver. 15 or the only way to do this in this version is using APDL?

      *By the way the load that subjected to the soil will not cause soil failure so I think I don't need to use "Drucker - prager" failure model. 

      There is another request, If anyone have papers or any reference in modeling soil in ansys "workbench" please share it!


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