Soil-moisture modeling

    • Rajesh Nandi

      I want to model soil-moisture retention using FLUENT. I will apply different layer of materials (bio-fertilizer) on top surface of soil and see how much moisture in the soil is retained after a certain period of time. I am new in ANSYS and don't know if it's possible to solve this in FLUENT. I have the code (MATLAB) to solve the problem. How can I import the code in FlUENT? Do I have to use other suite? 

    • Vivek Praveen
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Rajesh,

      ANSYS FLUENT has the capability to simulate fluid flow and heat transfer in porous media, and can be used to model soil-moisture retention. You can set up the soil as a porous media and apply appropriate boundary conditions to represent the application of bio-fertilizer, and simulate the flow of water over time to determine the moisture content at different depths.

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