Solar Trough

    • MohamedRizk97


      I am trying to do a simulation for Solar trough using Ansys fluent

      I have a parabolic trough that will be aluminum and contains the air domain in it around a copper  pipe which has a water passing through it

      my problem in how to give a boundary conditions because I have two domains

      see the photo

    • peteroznewman

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      I think you have at least 4 domains.

      • aluminium trough

      • air in and around the trough

      • copper pipe wall

      • water in the copper pipe

      Many solar water heaters have a clear glass plate on the top of the trough. That keeps the air trapped and would make this problem a bit simpler. Otherwise you have heated air leaving the trough.

    • MohamedRizk97

      of course sir I presented the air in trough in the geometry

      and aluminum trough, copper pipe and the water in pipe and glass plate with thickness 10 mm.

      but I must give a boundary condition for the air and it appears in fluent as aluminum type

    • MohamedRizk97

      what is I must study before doing this simulation I have some experience in cfd and it is my first step in radiation problems .and I searched about some tutorials about radiation and convection but I don't get the answer.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I can't see any shadow walls or non conformal interfaces: heat is not going to pass between zones. 

    • shashidhar0605

      Did you figure out the boundary conditions required to solve this problem? I am also looking for the same problem. If you have solved the problem, can you share the case file for the parabolic trough?

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