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SOLID 186 & 187 element capability to be used as reinforced concrete modelling


      Hi, ANSYS default element type for solid 3D body is SOLID187. My query: Can SOLID187 element be used for modelling reinforced concrete ? To be more precise: Are the element type such as SOLID185, SOLID186 & SOLID187 capable of simulating concrete (with or without reinforcement) behaviour (i.e crushing in compression while cracking in tension) ? It is found in the link (Refer that the legacy SOLID65 element is capable of doing this. i.e "SOLID65 is used for 3-D modeling of solids with or without reinforcing bars (rebar). The solid is capable of cracking in tension and crushing in compression. In concrete applications, for example, the solid capability of the element may be used to model the concrete while the rebar capability is available for modeling reinforcement behavior." - Please advise

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee


      Yes, in conjunction with reinforcing elements.  See the MAPDL Help; Structural Analysis Guide chapter 14 on Element Embedding (updated from prior and was named Reinforcing).


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