Solid and Porous solid heat transfer in NETM model of Ansys Fluent

    • ss_stardust


      As per solution provided by Ansys on customer portal for the case of "How to allow heat transfer between solid and porous solid for Ansys Fluent's NETM model", it is stated that it takes into account the porosity at the interface while dividing heat flux to the porous fluid and porous solid part of porous domain. However, in my simulation results, even though the flux balance at the interface and overall heat balance is there, the division of flux is not as per porosity. Almost 99.6 % of the heat flux is being supplied to solid part while my porosity is 0.9. I want to ask:

      1. How is the Fluent determining the heat flux at the interface of a solid wall and fluid and porous solid? What equations are being applied as the boundary conditions at the interface?
      2. How can I divide the flux in ratio of porosity:(1-porosity between porous solid and fluid at the interface?

      Thanks in advance.

    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      May I please know what the end goal of your simulation is?
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