Solid burning away changes geometry based on time step output

    • sdsutjh

      I am wondering if the conditions I am trying to model are possible within ANSYS/SpaceClaim/Fluent.

      Generally, I am modeling a solid combustible material that is initially a rectangular prism, along with a wire igniter. There is a top cover above the "fuel" as well, such that there is flow through a channel over the material. A flame will ignite and then move across the top surface of the prism, burning away material as it goes.

      The root question is: Can I use UDFs to take the temperature output of a time step, use the temperatures to conditionally remove material (i.e., change the geometry), and feed the new geometry back in for remeshing?

      And can it be done using SpaceClaim for the geometry, or do I need to use a different file type to define the geometry to accommodate this problem? My recent thinking has included a geometry that is built "cell by cell" using loops, rather than a geometry defined in a CAD program.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee


      I think you can use SpaceClaim for geometry. 

      Combustion experts can comment on your question about UDF. 



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