Solid conductor winding with parallel paths is external circuit.

    • kunaldugvekar

      Is there any method to simulate a machine having the following characteristics:

      1. 4 pole machine with 1/4th model simulated considering symmetry/periodicity.
      2. Winding with solid conductors (which mandates a single parallel path for the winding)
      3. The windings are arranged according to the requirement in the external circuit.

      I think the circuit/maxwell considers all the other pole connection in parallel by default.

      The problem now is, how to have 2 poles winding in series connection when only a single pole is modelled in maxwell ( & hence in the circuit).


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      A single parallel path means all the coils are in series.
      So your understanding that "circuit/maxwell considers all the other pole connection in parallel by default" is not correct. It is just the opposite of that. Maxwell considers all other coils in series -(which also means a single parallel path).
      So you can go ahead and analyze your single-pole model.

      Regards Navya
    • kunaldugvekar
      Thanks Navya for the clarification.
      I messed my question & posted the opposite.
      You are right that Maxwell+Circuit editor considers the remainder of windings(not drawn in Maxwell & circuit editor) in series by default.
      Is there any way / method to configure this setting of having the remainder windings connected in all-parallel or any series parallel combination.
      The above issue is for solid conductor only. For stranded windings this is easily accomplished.
      Thanks again for help!
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