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Solid desiccant dehumidifier

    • Tejas Prajapati

      Can some help me in CFD part in solid desiccant dehumidifier. 
      for selecting model conditions in k epsilon equation.

      inlet conditions
      outlet conditions 

      In this analysis relative humidity also used.

      also how I selected porous media for material 

    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee



      I apologize, but I am having difficulty fully comprehending your question. However, if you are looking to model porous media, you can designate a specific zone/region as porous within the cell zone conditions. It is important to ensure that the appropriate values for parameters such as inertial resistance, viscous resistance and much more, are properly defined for the porous media.

      • Tejas Prajapati

        I can explain 

        I have only two data 

        1. Inlet temperature 301.05 k
        2. Relative humidity 

        Here have a hexagonal shape pipe 125mm length 

        silica gel absorb the water vapour in air.

        here I am used 


        model was k epsilon- RNG - standard wall treatment 

        in material

        Spicies transport on make mixture of water vapour + air

        in spicies transport- volumetric on and inlet diffusion on

        i don't know that right or wrong

        please correct me 

        I objective was outlet temperature will be higher than inlet temperature and outlet RH will be decrease compared to inlet RH



        pipe made of silica gel


      • Tejas Prajapati


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you want to absorb the vapour you'll need to either use a reaction on the gel surface (or porous media surface) or a sink (source) term. For the latter you need to account for heat release too. 

      You've got the basics but not the part that actually removes the vapour. 

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