solid-fluid interface for spheres?

    • hamda


       I have to define solid -fluid interfaces to CFX. So in meshing stage, I tried to name some faces as interfaces. As you see in the following pic, there are 4 inner spheres that are surrounded by fluid (space between spheres). in CFX, for each interface I have to define 2 sides one for fluid and one for solid. I don't know for these four spheres how to define these 2 sides?

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    • Karthik R


      Are you looking for a conformal or a non-conformal interface between your solid and fluid regions? If you are looking to have a conformal mesh for your analysis, you can a 'Part' in DM with all your bodies. This will allow you to create a conformal mesh.

      About your question on the interface selection, for CFX solver, you will have to create boundaries in CFX-Pre. All boundaries are added to Default Domain in CFX and you can create the necessary boundaries from there. If you have created a single part - CFX will recognize the interface automatically and will add it under 'Interfaces'.

      I am also sharing part one of the four part video tutorial created on Youtube channel by CFD Ninja. I'd strongly recommend watching these videos.

      Please let me know if I have completely misunderstood your question and elaborate on it.

      I hope this helps.

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    • rgfsteed
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Hamda,

      If your CAD model includes the fluid bodies as well as the solid, the interfaces will be created automatically when Pre receives the mesh from ANSYS Meshing. This will occur regardless of whether the mesh is conformal or non-conformal. ANSYS Meshing will identify contact between the bodies and this information is passed to CFX-Pre, which uses this information to add regions to the automatic domain interfaces.

      If you wish to have a conformal mesh (i.e. 1:1 match between meshes at the interface), just combine all of the bodies into a single part in DM.

      You can find more information on contact detection and domain interfaces in section 10.1.3. Supported Mesh File Types in the CFX-Pre User's Guide.


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