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Solid rotor blade meshing problem

    • Edward Kim

      Hi, it is my first time using learning forum, so there might be insufficient informations for solving the problem. If so, do not hesitate to request more informations about current status, I'll gladly accept it and try to learn from you guys at all.

      Currently, I'm trying to create mesh of the solid rotor blade with arbitrary shape, with swept tip.

      This is the general shape of the blade.

      The initial shape of the blade was modeled by using NX swept function. After creating initial shape, I exported it as STEP file, and imported it to the Spaceclaim.

      I opened it in Ansys Mechanical, and tried to create mesh, but failed it with this kind of error messeages.

      How can I create proper mesh for the blade? 

      If you have any ideas or solution, please tell me without hesitation.

      My fem experiences are very shallow, and any advices will do.

      If you need original NX prt file, stp file, and spaceclaim files to solve the proplem, please let me know. 

      If it is unable to upload the file, I would be able to send it via email.

      Thank you.

    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee



      Hi Edward, 
      Please start with global meshing options with the default setting and then perform some local meshing operations at the blade’s tip by selecting the refinement option to better capture the edges and corners of the blade. 

      Kindly upload the screenshot of the detail of the meshing option that you have tried. 
      for more detail, you can follow the following links related to the ansys meshing




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