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SOLID70 elements are giving higher temperature than SOLID90 in moving heat source modelling

    • Shekhar

      I am trying to simulate moving heat source and getting temperature profiles for the length of 200 mm. I am facing a problem with the choice of elements. If I am using soid90 elements, the maximum temperature is 1200 deg cel (approx). On the other hand, while using solid70 elements, I am getting temp around 5000 deg cel (all other parameters are same like mesh configuration, loading condition, time and time-steps etc). I am using:


      for both element insertion (one by one) in my analysis. I am certainly missing something

      Can anybody try and have a look into my problem?

    • sma4t
      Shekhars,nnAccording to the Element Description for SOLID70 & SOLID90, you can see that the later is a 20-node hex whereas the former is a 8-node one (no mid-side node).nI've read in the APDL's Technology Demonstration Guide - Friction Steer Welding Simulation, that the mid-side node can lead to non-physical results in the thermal simulation. Here's the quote:nA hexahedral mesh with dropped midside nodes is used because the presence of midside nodes (or quadratic interpolation functions) can lead to oscillations in the thermal solution, leading to nonphysical temperature distribution. A hexahedral mesh is used instead of a tetrahedral mesh to avoid mesh-orientation dependency.nTherefore, I think that's the source of the difference between your two simulations.nCheck the link for the Technology Demonstration Guide for more details on this simulation.nnRegards,nMohammadAminn
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