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    • Shree

      Hi all,

      I am new here and new to ANSYS FLUENT as well. I am having trouble in initializing my 2-D Rotational Detonation Engine model, and was wondering if anybody can assist me with it. Currently, I am facing  with the problem as to how to initialize the model in Solution Initialization in FLUENT, where we select the zones to begin computing from and then patch in values (as per picture attached). I am unable to figure out from which zone should I compute solution from? If I select "all zones" from the drop down menu of "Compute from" I get a high value of Gauge Pressure and other input values which the software calculates based on the inlet and outlet boundary condition values provided initially.Is it possible to initialize with selecting any zone from "Compute from" options. How will that affect my boundary conditions? Thank you.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      If it is steady run then the initialization is purely an initial guess. For transient the initialization has to be sensitive and match the reality. To answer your question:


      1/Yes: will automatically be computed and updated based on the conditions defined at the selected zone / all zones.

      2/Boundary conditions are not affected only the initial flow field is affected. 

    • Karthik R


      Just to add to abenhadj's succinct answer, it might sometimes be necessary to initialize a 'Patch' a specific region in space with a different initial value (compared to the rest of your domain). You might have to mark certain cells from ''Setting Up Domain' tab: Adapt -> Mark / Adapt Cells -> Region or Volume. You should be able 'Mark' a region or volume and use this region to 'Patch' certain initial value for a specific variable.

      It might not be useful for your current simulation. However, I thought I should add this for completeness.

      Thank you,

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