solve/iterate command for TUI – How to start a simulation with TUI?

    • jorgeluis0395

       Dear all,


      I´m trying to run a simulation in Fluent 19.2 with TUI commands. Some of the features  are: 3ddp, 6DOF, Dynamic-mesh, parallel in 8 cores. Do you know how can I enable the "iterate" command from the "solve" menu?

      I keep getting the message below when asking for the available sub-menus.


      /solve> help


      Type "?" for help on a specific command.

      Type "?" to enter help mode, and "q" to exit help mode.


      The commands below are available in this menu.

      Those followed by "*" are currently disabled.


      animate/ monitors/

      cell-register-operations/* multistage-time-iterate*

      cell-registers/ patch

      convergence-conditions/ report-definitions/

      dpm-update* report-files/

      dual-time-iterate* report-plots/

      execute-commands/ set/

      initialize/ update-physical-time*







      Thanks for your help,







    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Is it transient? I guess so because of 6dof. The command will be dual tine iterate. Just press enter whenever you are under solve and all commands are listed. If you are using a new version just use the search field to lookup the commands.
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I think Frank's answered here too  https://forum.ansys.com/forums/topic/non-existing-commands-and-how-to-start-a-simulation-without-gui/   please don't multi-post. Amine's correct, you'll need to use the dual-time option and I'd advise setting everything up using the GUI before launching in batch. 

      The missing graphics options may be linked, but could also be caused if you launch Fluent without graphics. 

    • jorgeluis0395

      Thank you for your responses.

      I deleted the other thread. Sorry for multi-posting.

      I'm using transient formulation with "unsteady-1st-order" model. Fluent can't recognize the "dual-time-iterate" command neither.  
      I'm launching fluent in batch mode with both "-g" and "-gu" commands both to check if the graphics may be linked but still doesn't work.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Are you using the Automatic Case Modification Feature? Add all details of the run.

    • jorgeluis0395

      Yes, I was using it.

      Once I unselected the "Automatic Case Modification" option the "Dual-time-itarate" command became available. Now I'm able to run the simulation with TUI.

      Thank you very much for your help!

      Kind regards,



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