Solver Error for Any Magnetostatics Analysis in Workbench

    • alyndaker

      Historically I've used Magnetostatics within Workbench (not Maxwell) to perform calculations regarding stray fields and shielding for our superconducting magnets but am currently having trouble getting any analysis to solve, either preexisting or new. For any case, the error I get is the following:

      *** ERROR ***                          CP =      0.703  TIME= 14:36:40 The option of ALPX on the MP command is either not available for this version of ANSYS or the appropriate product was not selected for this session. Contact your ANSYS support person for more information.

      The two forum posts that concern this error suggest deleting the irrelevant coefficient of thermal expansion data from the materials or that there is a licensing issue. I'm not an expert on licensing, but I'm told that nothing has changed with respect to that aspect, but if someone could point me in the direction to check this specifically, that would be useful.

      I'm using 2021-R1. This occurs multiple machines in both a Windows 10 and Linux environment.

      I'm looking for a suggestion for my next course of action.

    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee
      Hello It looks like you found this error in the solve.out that the MAPDL solver creates when you solve in Mechanical.
      Even if you do not change the license(s) you have and use, we sometimes change the features that any given license option supports in new releases. So sometimes, when you upgrade to a new version of ANSYS, features that were previously allowed no longer are. In my experience this is particularly true of emag licenses. I apologize for not knowing specifically the release(s) at which such a change may have occurred... licensing changes are seemingly frequent and I don't have the bandwidth to keep track of them. If you don't have another license you can switch to that permits both structural and magnetic material properties, the only workaround I can think of presently is to go into Engineering Data before opening Mechanical and deleting structural material properties for any material that is used in the Magnetostatic system.
      Another possibility - I've never tried this before myself, but you might experiment with the command line options or license fields (Project page > Tools > Options):

      In your license file (usually in C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\Shared Files\Licensing) which is a text file you'll see "INCREMENTS", such as:

      If you had this increment in your license file and wanted to try it, you might try putting "-p ane3flds" (but without the quotes) in the "Command Line Options" field or simply "ane3flds" in the "Licensing" field.
      It might also help you to look at table 3 toward the bottom of this document:
      product-to-feature-map-2022-01-06.pdf (ansys.com)
      and compare to what you see in your license file.
      Best Bill

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