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LS Dyna

solver module error


    • kwak dongkyu

      i want a simple simulation just give pressure to the above rectangle line

      but i got an error message like

      i think i have no solver module or else but i don't know how to check and how to install it.

      this is my solver process settings

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi , do you have proper license to the lsdyna, can you show us the soltion information as in inline image, 

      Cheers, Ram 

    • Andreas Koutras
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, could you try to run it directly through Workbench LS-DYNA using the default Analysis Settings. What WB version are you using? 

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee

      Hi All

      Let's take a step back and focus on the error message.  Please take a screen shot of C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v222\ansys\bin\winx64 where the lsdyna executables are (or should be, starts with the letter L) and paste that here.  Sounds like possibly a incomplete installation.


      p.s. the ls-dyna solver uses the settings from the Detail of the Analysis Settings and not the Solve Process Settings.

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