Solver not starting for solution

    • krs19

      I am doing a 2d simulation of adsorption and desorption of carbon where I am using 4 UDS to store calculated values for the adsorption and desorption.

      But when I am running the simulation I am encountering the following error

      Divergence detected in AMG solver: temperature Stabilizing uds-3 to enhance linear solver robustness.

      Stabilizing uds-3 using GMRES to enhance linear solver robustness.




      Divergence detected in AMG solver: uds-3


      Error at host: floating point exception




      Error at Node 0: floating point exception




      ===============Message from the Cortex Process================================




      Compute processes interrupted. Processing can be resumed.  

      Error: floating point exception

      Error Object: #f


      Registering Udf, ("G:Canister SimulationUDFudf.c")




      Calculation complete.


    • Karthik R

      What is your mesh quality? (Max Skewness and Min Orthogonal quality) Please check if you have a good mesh to start with? 

      Also, are you able to compile your UDF without any errors?


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