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Solver Pivot Error

    • Elmer Homero

      Hello there,

      I am trying to model this geometry in which the pin is under two forces; however, I am receiving the solver pivot error whenever I model the pin - steel plate contact as frictional.

      I figured that this can be solved by getting rid of the gap between both bodies by (pin and steel plate), which I did by pulling the steel hole towards the pin in spaceclaim.

      Nonetheless, I would like to model the structure with the gap between bodies, and also considering a frictional connection between both, but this cannot be done due to said error.

      - Steel plate and pin connection

      Could you guys please share any inputs as to how I could go about resolving this error?

      I have already try modeling with weak spings and the connection as frictional, with out luck.

      Thank you in advance!.


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee


      One way of resolving this.
      Since you apply a force the pin is free to rotate perhaps, and hence that can be not solved (rigid body motion). Normally it is better from a solver point of view (to avoid this error), to apply remote displacements instead of forces and restrain say the rotation say in z (about axis of pin) to prevent that and push it up or down in the direction of the force.To get the force applied then we just look at the reaction (remote. displ.).

      If one does not want to use the above, we can move the pins closer to the edge of the hole since there is no point in resolving the movement across the gap which is a rigid body movement and use adjust to touch in the contact settings. There are likely lots of tutorials on the internet to see how to deal with this.

      All the best



    • Elmer Homero

      Hi Erick,

      That makes a lot of sense, thank you for your reply!

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