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Solver Pivot Warning

    • cmrodi

      Hey everyone, 

      I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out the problem with my frame. I keep getting a solver pivot warning. I have shared topology and messed around with the mesh. I have a feeling the matrix cannot solve due to the boundary conditions, I was wondering if anyone could help. Thanks, below are the file attachments 


    • peteroznewman

      The troubleshooting advice is to add a Modal analysis to the Model. Drag and drop all supports (but not the load) into the Modal and Solve.  You will get six zero frequency results.  In the deformation plots you can see the part(s) that is not connected float around in space if the Result scale is Auto. Set the Result scale to Undeformed, then the floaters return to their origin.

      You have at least two duplicate line bodies.


      In Mechanical, you can tell there is a duplicate because when you pick the line, you get a selection choice in the graphics window. Some entities have a lot of duplicates.


      In SpaceClaim, pick a beam on the screen and hit delete. If the beam does not disappear, pick the same beam and hit delete again. Repeat until the beam disappears then undo the last delete with Ctrl-z.  Pick a new beam to test with the delete key and continue until you have tested every beam in the model.

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