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Solving Multiple Sensitivitiy Studies in Parallel

    • HPC_Tinkerer

      Is there a way to solve multiple sensitivity studies that have been copied, pasted and slightly modified in parallel. I am running a sensitivity study where I would like to evaluate a system response by changing four variables in a sensitivity study. I have set each of these sensitivity studies to only include one variable at a time so the others are held constant and planned to duplicate this setup and then repeat the process three more times only including one variable at a time. The machine I am using has more than enough cores to multiple solves in parallel and access to an available license pool is not an issue. When I try to run more than one sensitivity study at a time I get the following error:

    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee
      Are you running the Free Student Version, or a commercial version?
      This may not be possible in the Free Student Version.
      My Suggestion, if commercial version, is to log a Service Request, as I believe you are a Channel Partner.
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