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Some of the elements on the problematic bodies can’t meet the specified target m

    • Jim Beet

      Hi, I'm currently doing explicit dynamics for a stool with an impactor. However while doing the meshing for the stool body Im getting warning notification saying "Some of the elements on the problematic bodies can't meet the specified target metrics. Please check the elements and try changing the mesh size settings to achieve the needed mesh quality."  I did static structural analysis before this, using the same stool model, mesh type and element sizing. However I did not receive such warning from the can I resolve this issue?


    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee


      you cannot compare two different solver and methods, 

      generally, its an warning so you can ignore it aslong as you are happy and ok with the mesh. 

      usually, its an preventive warning, 

      you can disable this by using option "NO" in the mesh >> quality>> Check Mesh Qauality 

      cheers, Ram 

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