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Some Solids Disappearing on Import from NX

    • Joseph Loveless

      Hello All,

      Have any of you had an issue importing geometry from NX into a static structural analysis?  What I'm seeing is some solids dropping off in the assembly when imported.  No errors are shown, just missing parts.  It varies on assembly as well, which solids get dropped.




    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Joe,
      I am assuming you are not using the student version of the software as it includes following gepmetry type imports:

      • Neutral format import IGES, STEP
      • Parasolid (native within Ansys DesignModeler)

      Assuming you have a commercial license, If you are using reader mode, please check:


      in case you are using plugin mode, please check:


      Also, check mixed import settings.


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