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Someone knows about the “Radius” parameter in Spherical Joint ?

    • juang

      Hello, this is my first question and I am new to ANSYS.

      I am doing some simulation of a simplified double wishbone suspension. Reaching to the point, I stablished two spherical joints. They work as expected, but is there any way to constraint the range of angle of rotation that they have? There is a parameter called Radius, which value is 0 by default. I was trying to change it but no did not found any side effect. Some one knows what is this parameter for?

      Best Regards

      PS: I was trying to find any info related to that parameter or the Spherical Joints itself, but could not find the answer.

    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee
      Joint Friction Definitions (
      Look for "Joint Friction Definitions"
      Joint Friction Definitions
      Friction Coefficient
      Defines the value of the friction coefficient (unit less, available on the revolute, cylindrical, and translational joints)
      The value of the radius in the specified length unit. Used to compute resisting torque.

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