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Ansys Free Student Software

Something Wrong with the licensing

    • Zhixuan Zhang

      I have downloaded the ansys for students 2023R1 but after the installation, when I was trying to run for example the Mechanial, it says that I don't have the license. Also, when I look into the folders I truely couldn't find any file ended with ".lic", aslo have looked through the zip I've downloaded from the website, there is no license contained, also the file path seems to be very strange "ANSYSACADEMICSTUDENT_2023R1_WINX64\student\WINX64" but inside the WINX64, there is no such folder called sharing,but a folder named "licensingclient"  and inside  it only a file named ".acldata"

    • pxiong5

      I got the similar issue. But I'm using a floating license, and it doesn't work for R2023 and only works for the older versions.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Student doesn't have a normal licence, and isn't expected to link into any Campus systems. The "normal" software needs a licence manager to connect to the Uni server(s). 

      The software is also paired to the licence manager, so generally an older solver install will work with the latest licence manager, but new software may not work with the older manager. 

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