Source setting for discrete wavelengths

    • Uzma Yaqoob

      Hello Everyone
      Is there any way to use three different wavelengths that are randomly apart from each other for a single source?As generally for broad band excitation what we do we provide a range of wavelengths then make them linearly apart from each other to see responces on sliced wavelengths.But what if i want to excite the device with 430nm,467,and 480nm?as if i select a span then set frequency points that are apart by 1nmthen it would be really time consuming as the solver would do siimulation for the entire range.Plz guide in this regard.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      It is absolutely not necessary for linear optics to use discrete wavelength. You can set a broadband source, but set the monitor to only record those 3 or any number of specified wavelengths.

      If it is nonlinear , then you may need to add 3 different sources centered at the desired wavelengths. Please refer to this example to get quasi-monochromatic source:

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