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spaceclaim 2020R1 Selection in section model impossible


    • sandor_toaso


      In space claim I would like to do some defeaturing and removing some odd geometries. See attachment. I can not select it in 3D mode because they are inside (think about a closed pressure vessel, or ball where there are closed internal volume) the body and I can not look into it so I need to use section plain to look inside the cavity. If I do so however it I can not select any geometry behind the section plain. See red areas away from the section plane. I have not found features like hide surface so I could get inside the cavity like in case of Abaqus CAE.

      So how can I select and remove these features if I am not allowed to select in section model anything behind the section plane?

      Please advice

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello SandorToaso

      You can right-click on the body to view the Hide options as shown in Red box in the image below. 

      Under 'Faces' you have options to Hide Faces as well.


      You can also, make the solid geometry 'Transparent' by toggling the symbol highlighted with a blue box in the image. This will allow you to view the internal geometry without hiding faces. You can then, either box select or you can also place your mouse over the region and scroll to select them.

    • sandor_toaso

      Thank you

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