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SpaceClaim – locked component cannot be open


    • l.janicek
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      our customer informated me about possible bug. If he locked the Component in the version SpaceClaim 19R3 and the file included a drawing at the same time, he cannot to open the file in newer version of the SpaceClaim.

      It is a big problem, because customer has a lot of locked files (mostly assemblies) and he cannot proceed as follows - open in 19R3 - unlock the locked components - open in newer version - lock the file.

      I tried the locking in newer version (2021R1) with result, I cannot open the file in the same version, where I locked the component. This is really wrong. The process is captured in the attached video.

      I think that is bug, that he cannot open the locked files in a newer version. Could you fix it as soon as possible? Customer and I would like to opening the locked files in newer versions.

      Thank you, Lukas

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello  Lukas

      Thank you for reporting this.

      This definitely looks like a bug.

      Let me check with my team and report it to the developers.

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