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    • Vishalgarg474

      Hello everyone,


      I have a problem while meshing a 2d geometry in the spaceclaim mesh tool.

      For example: Let's say, I have developed a whole 2D axi-symmetric geometry and I move on to do the meshing, and have already done some mesh on certain faces. But now, I detect that there a bit of problem in the sketch. I went back to the design tool and made the changes in the geometry (some other face which I did not mesh before), now when I go back to the mesh tool, all the previous mesh that I have made on other faces are lost and I have to start from scratch. Is there a solution to retain the mesh of the other faces or what could i be doing wrong? 

      Thank you in advance. 

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Please check:

      Compare parts on update option:

      And set it to associatively. This will take more time to import the model in Mechanical, but would compare the other parts before bringing to Mechanical retaining most of the original mesh.

      Another way is using Model assembly, if you have one part which will be frequently modified in the model, using two subassemblies. more info at:

      Regarding SpaceClaim meshing documentation visit:

      And finally if for combining two surface bodies with internal edges, use the Stitch tool under repair instead of combine tool under design. 



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