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Spaceclaim not saving sketch restrictions/constraints

    • Andrick

      I am making a parametric study on an angle Bar, in wich I am changing the length of its side and the thickness. At the beggining spaceclaims shows a fully constrained sketch, but later in the simulation when I see the next design points it show a distorted geometry that does not corresponds to the original. In the simulations I am using as input parameters "length" and "thickness" in the 3D model, and as output parameter the maximum stress.Base 3D model

    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Andrick,
      Considering your concern I tried replicating with a nearly similar model and I did not face any such issues for Ansys 2023 R1, R2. The results can be accessed as follows-

      Some of the points that can be helpful to check which might help you resolve the issue are-
      Properly defining the Parameters (Can be checked using SpaceClaim via groups, Parameter Set window).
      Ensuring proper constraints for the model, i.e. the angle, dimensions, etc. 
      Defining the accurate relationship of the parameters as per the user requirement.

      Please check the following references for more detailed insights-
      Analyzing more than One Design - Lesson 3 - ANSYS Innovation Courses
      Using Groups to Drive Changes in Ansys
      Working with Parameters (ansys.com)

      Hope this helps!





    • Andrick

      I think the problem is with spaceclaim, because it is not keeping the constrains in the sketch. 

      The geometry should be an angle with both sizes of the same length and same thickness in both sides. The design points (inputs parameters) are the side length and thickness. But in further design points the sides are not equal, not a 90 degree angle between sides, not the same thickness.

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