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SpaceClaim Pulling Problem with imported DXF file

    • emirdegirmenli


      Dear All, 

      I have some complex sketch in DXF format. I need to convert them to solid just like in the photo by using SpaceClaim. But when import file in SpaceClaim, I can see all closed lines but I can't use them. I can't pull closed area or After I pull hole geometry I can't split its face by using these curves. I've been Trying to do it for three days .  (I added SpaceClaim 18.0 file), Best


    • Vishal Ganore
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Amir, Not sure but looks like SpaceClaim is reading your splines but unable to perform any operations using them. Here is what you can do:

      1. Use fill command to create surfaces using splines.

      2. Spaceclaim is not pulling out surfaces into solids but DM could pull it through extrude. So save your file into IGES format and load it in DM.

      3. Perform all necessary operations in DM. 

      Project file and IGES format are attached. Good luck!


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