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spaceclaim shared topology between surface bodies

    • sandor_toaso

      I am not sure it is the right forum to address this question. Anyhow I give a try:) What does exactly space-claim with the surface bodies if shared topology applied between parallel surfaces? Is it only imprinting them or also merging them together? So after transferring the shared topology "multibody" surfaces to workbench will it handle the shared surfaces as a single surface or remains individual surfaces which are overlaying on each other? After meshing such a "multibody" surfaces I can see only one shell elements in workbench instead of 2 shell meshes which shall be coincident like in case of solid bodies...


      I have not read in Spaceclaim help or anywhere else that shared topology is not recommended to use between overlaying surface bodies.. But maybe I am wrong and the purpose of shared topology is for solid bodies only... of course the advantage would be to avoid creating contacts...


      I hope you got the point what I try to ask.

      Thanks in advance

    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      Since the surfaces have 0 thickness and are directly on top of each other I would assume they get treated as a single body.

      I would recommend submitting your Workbench question via the ANSYS Customer Portal, as we do not support Workbench through this forum.

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