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SpaceClaim under Windows 11


    • wolfgang.geist


      we have an old customer which is not running TECS for SpaceClaim Engineer 2015

      Now they tried to switch to Windows 11 but failed as the system refused to accept. Can you check whether SpaceClaim Engineer is still supporting Window 11 and what older versions of SpaceClaim would be able to run with Windows 11 ? Your answer will trigger our approach for helping the customer or giving up.  Thanks and regards

      Wolfgang Geist

    • Atharv Joshi
      Forum Moderator

      Hi Ghost1246 ,

      SpaceClaim is officially supported by Windows 11 for version 22R2 and onwards.

      Older versions of SpaceClaim are not tested for Windows 11, therefore I would recommend updating to the newest version.

      Please refer this article Ansys Discovery Hardware Requirements (2022 R2) – Ansys Knowledge


      Thanks & Regards

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