Spark ignition engine data request for model validation


    • asbahar


      I am Ahmet Serhat Bahar, PhD candidate at Syracuse University Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department under the advisory of Dr. Benjamin Akih-Kumgeh. 

      I am examining engine knock using ANSYS Forte CFD code in my PhD thesis. I need a validation of my model; however, I do not have experimental engine data for my engine geometry. Thus, my advisor and I wanted to find an engine geometry similar to ours, and to validate our model using this engine and its experimental data. 

      When I checked the relevant literature for the similar engine geometry, I realized SAE International journal paper, "CFD Modeling of Spark Ignited Gasoline Engines- Part 2: Modeling the Engine in Direct Injection Mode along with Spray Validation" published by a group of ANSYS Inc. engineers (Ishan Verma, Eric Bish, Martin Kuntz, Ellen Meeks, Karthik Puduppakkam, Chitralkumar Naik, and Long Liang) in 2016. Thus, for the validation purpose, we would like to ask you if you share the engine geometry file, mesh file, and in-cylinder wall temperatures of GDI SI engine used in this paper. Therefore, we can model this engine geometry and validate our model using given experimental data in the paper. We would like to highlight that requested data will be only used for the validation purpose in my study. If you help us about that we would be grateful. We also would be happy to acknowledge ANSYS in my PhD thesis. 

      With your data contribution, I also believe that such a validated PhD thesis study can help to increase Spark Ignition Engine researchers' motivation to use ANSYS Forte CFD code for their engine simulations.   

      We will be looking forward to hearing from you.




    • Karthik R
      Hello On this request, we will not be able to share the file on the forum. If the geometry is a generic one, why don't you email the corresponding author/authors directly? They should be able to help with this.

    • asbahar
      Hello Dear Kremella Actually first I contacted to the corresponding author; however, the author told me to ask my data request to local ANSYS Support engineer because this type of files can be shared with the approvement of ANSYS management. Then I sent email of my request to ANSYS Support in US, but they recommended me to ask my question in ANSYS Learning Forum. That's why I finally asked it here.
      Please let me know if you further help me about this request.
      Thanks Ahmet.
    • asbahar
      Hello Karthik (or any Admin) May I learn please if you can share requested files i.e., engine geometry file, mesh file, and in-cylinder wall temperaturesof GDI SI engine used in that paper (Verma et al. 2016) for the validation purpose?
      If you can share them, my advisor and I can send email to you, and you may send them via email.
      I am looking forward to hear from you. If you help us, we would be so glad for this contribution.
      Thanks Best Ahmet.
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