Spatially varying uniaxial-anisotropic magnetic susceptibility

    • stefan.appel


      I am trying to implement an FDTD simulation in a coordinate system mapped conformally from rectangular coordinates. As conformal mapping does not change the differential operators, the usual FDTD kernel should work.

      However, one also has to map the tensors for relative electric permeability (eps) and relative magnetic susceptibility (mu). In my case, this leads to uniaxial anisotropic tensors varying in the conformally mapped space, like eps_xx = 1, eps_yy = 1, eps_zz = exp(-2*x) and mu_xx = 1, mu_yy = 1, mu_zz = exp(-2*x).

      I know that I can implement the varying uniaxial anisotropy for the relative electric permeability (eps) by just entering the according formulas (in square root) for the refractive index property of an object. I do however wonder how to implement the same for the relative magnetic susceptibility (mu). Is there any possibility to do this in Ansys Lumerical FDTD?

      Thanks for any help!

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Unfortunately, spatially-varying magnetic permeability is not available. Current supported material models can be found:


      The paramagnetic material can handle diagonal permeability but not spacially-carying.  It can be very challenge to implement it with pixel-wise method.


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