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Species Conservation – Mass/Molar fraction vs Concentration

    • Diogo Martinho

      Hey all, 

      I was modelling the species conservation equation through the use of UDS - each scalar would be the molar concentration of the species i. I don't know if it is a problem but I am not really understanding how can I ensure the mass conservation of species due to: 

      * First, all the species have source terms (generated or consumed)

      * Since the scalars are molar concentrations is a bit tricky to have the same approach as """ Background species """ (which I dont really have) molar fraction. 

      I hope this makes sense and you can help me 

      Kind regards,


    • Essence
      Ansys Employee


      Are you referring to cold flow or reacting flow? Which turbulence model you are using? Which combustion model you are using? Please elaborate further.

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