Species Transport model with eulerian multiphase model

    • maliuzair

      Hi all

      Can I model a species mixture as a granular phase in eulerian multiphase model?

      When i used 2 granular phases (biomass, sand) without species transport, there is no problem with convergence

      But when i switch to species transport with 2 granular phases (one is a mixture of 2 species and the other is sand), then the simulations dont converge. then i turned off the granular option for mixture and everything worked perfectly. Please explain this problem

      Besides, I have another problem. 
      "THE TEMPERATURE IS LIMITED TO 270 IN 1901 CELLS ON ZONE 2 IN DOMAIN 3..." How can i address this issue except using the limits option in controls bar..

      Thank you.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Yes you can model that. The warning might be due to the fact that there is a rapid and large temperature drop due to phase change, reactions, wrong boundaries., etc.


      Additional details about your case are relevant to help you.

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