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Specific nodes number in fluent mesh?

    • schultz wei

      Hey guys, I wanna to usa an neural network to read mesh information, and I have some models with tiny geometry difference. For an neural network, the input datas have to in a certain shape, but when meshing, because of the difference in geometry, the number of node in each model are not equal. So it is possible to set a specific number of nodes when meshing, or is there any other solution to input these data into a NN? Thank you!

    • Sampat Kumar
      Ansys Employee


      Hi schultz wei,
      It is very difficult to keep the same mesh number every time with changes in the geometry. Mesh numbers slightly vary even if you change the Ansys version or open the same geometry in a different workbench and mesh it with the same setting as you have done in the same geometry in other workbench files.  
      Although I suggest some points that might be helpful to keep the same mesh number in a simple geometry,
      This is the FEA Structural forum group, and your problem is related to fluent meshing, you can ask this question to the fluent group by using the mentioned link. Our fluent team will help you there too.



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