Specified shear condition for the wall boundary (multiphase VOF problem, ANSYS Fluent)

    • nithin12



      Can anybody tell me is it possible to give specified shear for the wall in Fluent. I have checked the manual and found that the wall can be modeled in the following ways (For VOF model only adhesion contact angle available,). 


      You will enter the following information for a wall boundary:

      -- wall motion conditions (for moving or rotating walls)

      -- shear conditions (for slip walls, optional)

      -- wall roughness (for turbulent flows, optional)

      -- thermal boundary conditions (for heat transfer calculations)

      -- species boundary conditions (for species calculations)

      -- chemical reaction boundary conditions (for surface reactions)

      -- radiation boundary conditions (for calculations using the P-1 model, the -- DTRM, the DO model, or the surface-to-surface model)

      -- discrete phase boundary conditions (for discrete phase calculations)

      -- wall adhesion contact angle (for VOF calculations, optional)

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Have you opened the solver and had a look?  As staff I'm not allowed to open/download files so I don't know what's in the attachment. 

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