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Specify Material Friction?

    • ian

      I am trying to use discovery live to model the stress, strain of a single core plastic string passed over an aluminium tube and pull both ends of the string. 

      When I model this there is zero movement of the string along the pipe i.e the string should stretch and some sections will move over the pipe but the 2 components seem welded together? 

      How do I specify the friction between the parts or is that done already and I am doing something else wrong? 

      I am using a structural analysis - is the problem for parts to move I need to somehow combine with mechanical movement as well? 

      Are there any suitable demo's for this - I see lots of demos for workbench but much fewer for Discovery live - is live a very recent development? 

      Thanks for the help for a relative newcomer 

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Ian R

      Currently, contacts in Discovery Live are modeled as bonded contacts. Frictional contacts cannot be currently defined in Discovery Live. However you can define such contact in Discovery AIM. You can refer to this application example in Discovery AIM which uses frictional contact behavior.

      This is the very first release of Discovery Live and you will see new capabilities in next versions. I encourage you to post your suggestions in Ideas section so that others can see and vote on your suggestions.

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