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Specifying damping in ansys transient structural

    • Omobolaji Lawal

      Hi good day,


      When I run an analysis with the default damping settings, it takes about 2 hours to complete but when I specify the damping (by giving frequency and damping ratio values) the duration of simulation increases to 11/12 hours for same simulation time (6s). Why this huge increase in computation time, am I doing something wrong? Below is an image of how i specify damping.


    • Zoi Stavrothanasi
      Ansys Employee


      Thank you for your question. In a transient analysis, since damping is added to the model, the calculation time is expected to be increased. Indeed the calculation time has a big increase but it can be the case. You should review the values added, if they represent real data. Also note that a Stiffness Coefficient can be added directly. 

      I would suggest referring to the "Damping Effects" course, as it provides a more comprehensive illustration of damping. Also you can review the Damping Controls chapter from the documantation page for more information. 

      Hope this helps!

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